Ingenerium studio provides web sites for all needs and pockets. Please take some time and look at our selected work below.

  • Nekton


    Nekton is engaged in providing consultancy services in the field of information technology, design and maintenance of information systems and computer networks.

    design, html, css, php

    Visit site: www.nekton.rs

  • Singapore Air


    Arsico Aviation je generalni zastupnik avio kompanije Singapore Airlines na teritoriji Srbije.

    html, css, php/mysql, wordpress

    Visit site: www.singaporeair.rs

  • HIBRIDnet


    HIBRIDnet has a mission to bring advanced telecommunications services to rural communities of Vojvodina.

    design, html, css, php

    Visit site: hibridnet.rs

  • PTSP Upitnik


    War Trauma, PTSD questionnaire. Tool for self-assessment.

    html, css, php/mysql

    Visit site: pomocuprocenisopstvenogstanja.wartrauma.org

  • Snimanje Venčanja


    Recording weddings, birthdays and christenings in Novi Sad.

    html, css, php/mysql, wordpress

    Visit site: www.snimanjevencanja.in.rs

  • Internet Kockanje


    Guide to internet gambling, internet betting, poker for real money and bingo. From player to players.

    design, html, css, php/mysql, wordpress

    Visit site: www.internetkockanje.com

  • Serbian Trophy


    Serbian Trophy is SUV vehicle crew competition.

    html, css, php/mysql

    Visit site: www.serbiantrophy.rs

  • Controlpoint


    Controlpoint provides Control System Design, Software Development, Installations and Startup for variety of customers.

    html, css, php/mysql

    Visit site: www.controlpoint.rs

  • Fiskalni monitor


    Fiskalni monitor is monitoring revenues and expenditures of all districts in Serbia.

    html, css, php/mysql

    Visit site: www.fiskalnimonitor.rs

  • SOS Mobile


    Help center for insured mobile phones.

    html, css

    Visit site: www.sosmobile.rs

  • Targeting


    Digital Signage marketing agency.

    html, css, php

    Visit site: www.targeting.rs



    Center for development of non-profit sector web portal.

    design, html, css, cms, php/mysql

    Visit site: www.crnps.org.rs

  • Pooling


    Pooling is a Novi Sad based company specialized for building and maintaining swimming pools.

    design, html, css

    Visit site: www.pooling.rs

  • D-impex


    D-impex sells and installs interphones, air conditioners, video surveillance, alarm systems, etc.

    design, html, css, php/mysql

    Visit site: www.d-impex.co.rs

  • Zeta Group Trading


    Zeta Group Trading imports equipment form wellness and spa concept domain.

    design, html, css, php/mysql

    Visit site: www.zgroup.rs

  • Civilno društvo Srbije predlaže


    Web portal with a goal to allow civil society organizations in Serbia to contribute to reforms.

    design, html, css, asp, access

    Visit site: www.cdspredlaze.org.rs

  • Bilja & Olja


    Bilja & Olja is a veterinary clinic for small animals.

    design, html, css

    Visit site: www.biljaolja.rs

  • Fabrika šećera "Šajkaška"


    Sugar factory "Šajkaška" from Žabalj, a part of Hellenic Sugar Industry S. A. from Greece.

    design, html

    Visit site: www.secerana-zabalj.co.rs

  • Bosch service Ramač


    Service for Bosch diesel pumps with workshops in Djurdjevo and Novi Sad.

    design, html

    Visit site: www.ramac.rs

  • KUD "Taras Ševčenko"

    Web site of cultural and artistic group "Taras Ševčenko" from Djurdjevo.

    design, html

    Visit site: currently offline