Hattrick Team Photo

Welcome to the Ingenerium Hattrick Team Photo.

This tool will help you to create a team photo for your hattrick.org team. In order to use this tool you must be Hattrick Supporter which allows you to see player images.

Step 1 - to get your hattrick team photo, do the following:

  1. Log in to hattrick.org (you must be a Hattrick Supporter).
  2. Go to players page.
  3. Right click anywhere on a page and select "View page source" option (or something similar).
  4. Select all source code (CTRL+A) and copy it to clipboard (CTRL+C).
  5. Paste HTML source code of players page from your clipboard to the field below (CTRL+V).
  6. Click on the confirm button below.